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Parent Acknowledgement

SAMPLE – The forms are available at your child’s elementary school

Lee’s Summit R-7 School District

Parent Acknowledgment

Receipt of Elementary Student Handbook

 Student Name: _____________________


Teacher:__________________________ Grade: _____________

1. We have been notified of our rights and responsibilities through our school handbook and/or the R-7 Elementary Handbook distributed by the school this year. A copy of the R-7 Board of Education Policies is available in each principal’s office and on the school district’s website.

2. We have read the student discipline section of the handbook. The discipline process (1) involves the support of home, school and community, (2) respects the uniqueness of each student and school, (3) recognizes the relationship between academic success and behavior, (4) teaches personal responsibility/accountability, and (5) prepares students to become responsible, contributing members of society. Non-compliance with these standards may result in student suspension, expulsion and/or reporting to the appropriate agency or to law enforcement. Building principals will investigate to determine if an incident is of a reportable nature.

3. We understand that acceptable student uses of the Internet are specified in the district student handbook. Students will be able to use the district’s networked resources as long as district guidelines are followed. Anyone using the district’s network may be monitored for improprieties in accordance with Board Policy EHB. Any evidence of impropriety will be given to the building principal and any evidence of criminal activity will be given to law enforcement officials.

4.  We understand the district will be assigning each student a login and access to the LS-R7s Google Apps for Education server as described in the handbook.

5.  We understand that supervision of students during before or after-school PTA events is the responsibility of their parents or guardian.

6. The Lee’s Summit R-7 School District charges a $25.00 fee on all checks returned to the District as uncollected.

7. In case of an emergency, every attempt will be made to contact parents and other emergency contact numbers provided to the school. However, when parents cannot be reached, we understand that our child might be transported to and treated at a local emergency care center.

This form will be kept on file in the Administration Office.

Parent Signature______________________________________________________________________________Date_____________________________

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Student Signature_____________________________________________________________Date_______________________