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Reorganized School District No. 7

Stansberry Leadership Center
301 NE Tudor Road
Lee’s Summit, Missouri 64086-5702
Phone: (816) 986-1022 Fax: (816) 986-1160

Office of Elementary Education

LSR-7 K-12 Intradistrict Transfer Information and Guidelines

Dear Parent or Guardian:
It is the expectation that all LSR-7 students attend the school within their home attendance area. However, there are reasons families may request to transfer their child to another school. The guidelines related to Board Policy JCB-AP2 should be considered at the time of submission of an Intradistrict Transfer Request and for these reasons only may be approved.  Reasons for transfers based upon exceptional circumstances are (see JCB-AP2 for definitions):

  • a.  Family Move
  • b.  Request From Outside Agency
  • c.  Family Hardship
  • d.  Special Education Programs
  • e.  Psychological, Emotional or Social Needs
  • f.  Graduating Senior
  • g.  Administrative Placement
  • h.  Childcare – Does not apply to high school students.  Childcare Affidavit required.

Transfer Procedures:

All required documentation must be attached upon submission of the transfer request form.  Transportation is the responsibility of the parent.  Punctual and regular attendance is expected.

  • Bus transportation is not furnished for a student who transfers out of his/her attendance area.
  • It may be necessary to close certain schools to outside enrollment due to crowded conditions.  Staffing, grade-level and student enrollment factors are taken into consideration in determining which schools/grades must be closed.
  • Student discipline issues may necessitate the revocation of an approved transfer at any time during the school year.
  • Absences of 15 or more days in a semester or 20 or more days in a school year will result in the student’s transfer status being revoked.
  • Fifteen (15) or more late arrivals, early departures and/or late pick-ups in a semester will result in a student’s transfer status being revoked.
  • If a student’s transfer status is revoked, he/she is not eligible for an approved transfer in the future.
  • Transfers are granted for one year at a time.  Parents will need to submit a new request each year.
  • An approved transfer at the elementary or middle school level does not automatically allow students to attend the feeder middle or high school.

Elementary transfer requests must be submitted to the Office of the Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education on forms provided by the school district.  The transfer request must include specific reasons for the transfer and signatures from the sending and receiving school principals.


Incoming Kindergarten Students

Current Elementary Students

Acceptance window for early approval is Kindergarten Round Up through the second Friday in May of the current school year. If received at the elementary building by the last business day in January, requests will be processed mid-February of the current year.
If received after the second Friday in May, requests will be processed in August, but  prior to the first day of school. If received at the elementary building after the last business day in January, requests will be processed in August, but prior to the first day of school.

Families seeking a transfer must submit their request via the completed LSR-7 K-12 Intradistrict Transfer Request Form with the required supporting documentation. Students who are currently on a Superintendent-approved transfer must submit a renewal request for 2020-21 by January 31, 2020, in order to be receive “early” approval.  Those requests received after January 31st will be held and processed in August, but prior to the first day of school.

If you have questions please call your school or this office.


Mrs. Carol Germano
Interim Assistant Superintendent
Elementary Education

K-12 Intradistrict Transfer Request Form

Childcare Affidavit

Board of Education Policy JCB

Board of Education Policy JCB-AP2